Friday’s Jam of the Day: Paco De Lucía

It’s a stunning Friday and for whatever reason, Flamenco popped into my mind. Flamenco–Damn–Flamenco is easily one of the most seductive dances and also one of the most impassioned  and stunning musical genres and styles of guitar and percussion. And so it goes, there is only a handful of people that come to mind who I feel breathe the beauty and subtly of Flamenco music to the very core as this man does. Among them, a king emerges. His name is Paco De Lucía.

He covers the swath of Flamenco sound next to no-one else. As his fingers jump across his guitar and his face contorts with soul, De Lucía masterfully can capture the most sorrowful song to the most energized and electric. He elicits a bridge over the gray chasm of unknown between experience, expression, and sound.  De Lucía understands the interplay of space, pause, tone, and sound. He’ll ensure your mind explodes. Fact.

Enjoy today’s Masterful jams of the day.