Welcome to Fiore Jam of the Day–Today’s hot sick nasty jamz

The Sonics, \”I’m a Rolling Stone\”
The Ventures, \”Eight Miles High\”
The Wailers, \”Hang on Sloopy\”

Welcome to Fiore Jam of the Day.

This blog is my personal music blog. My goal with this blog is not to review but rather to share with you all a jam of the day. In other words, I will be sharing one song per day that I feel encapsulates my day. You might dig it, you might not. Either way, I’ll be posting and you can be listening. Hopefully, I will turn some of you awesome people onto some new jams.

This blog is not devoted to any particular genres. Rather, I believe that music is at the essence of so much in our world and I want to share my daily jamz with y’all. The mere fact that listening to a song can invoke so many different thoughts, emotions, and memories never ceases to amaze me. I guess this website is my way of cataloging the soundtrack to my life. I plan on writing reviews and thoughts from time to time but not always. Expect new and old jams! Feel free to comment or contact me. I’d love to chat about coffee, food, art and most importantly sweet jamz. If you dig this spot, share it.

Today I was reflecting on just how bad ass Tacoma, Washington was for a moment in time.
Let’s be real for a second and acknowledge that Tacoma was punk before punk was punk.

Tacoma produced The Sonics, The Ventures and The Wailers.
Today’s jams of the day are from The Sonics, The Wailers, and The Ventures!

Believe it or not but Tacoma was once full of Bad Assery!




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