Friday’s jam of the day comes from Emily Wells

Emily Wells: \”Passenger\”

I don’t really know what there is to say about Emily Wells except that she  is virtuosic and has attained much of the goals that musicians desire today. She has been courted by major record labels, lived in NYC and achieved independent stardom. Emily Wells denied major labels and denied the fruits of becoming a labeled musician in exchange for creative liberation. All I can say is that I think Emily has a beautiful orchestrated sound,  a gorgeous voice and an authenticity that can be seen and heard in the sound of her music. She is a self-taught violinist, producer, composer–what is there not to admire about Emily Wells.

Enjoy Friday’s and likely the entire weekend’s jam of the day.


Above Ground Episodes (A>G>E) is Today’s Jam of the Day

Last night I attended Thao w/ the Get Down Stay Down, playing separate from their tour with the head and the heart and as expected, they killed it. Prior to Thao and her band playing at around 10:30 or so , there were several other bands performing as is often the case at the Mercury Lounge. First there was this band called The Ambassadors. Their unique trait was that the keyboardist ( a total bad ass), was blind. The next band was a group I had not heard of before, A>G>E, Above Ground Episodes. 

A>G>E is the project of Josh Wise, former member of The French Kicks. How would I characterizeJosh and his band’s music. I would say that they are minimalistic in the vein of Elliot Smith (similar way of holding notes and carrying a song from start to fruition).  But yet, entirely unique in sound.

I had no idea what to expect of  A>G>E. At moments his music was crisp and fallen-angelic, truly managing to touch your soul and drip drops of reflection on you. At other times his music would take on the sounds of ghosts in limbo, lingering around a silent snow-filled forest. The end came soothingly and left the crowd in silence, relaxed and in their own place. You know that feeling you have after naturally waking up from a half hour nap, the sky is grey and dust particles are illuminated by the morning or evening light. That was how I felt after the show. Truly Amazing. I don’t believe these videos will capture A>G>E. However, they’re all he has on his Tumblr. Do not miss these guys in concert.

Above Ground Episodes (A>G>E): \”Watery Path Demo\”

Above Ground Episodes (A>G>E): \”Walking up a mountain feels good until you wonder why\”

Enjoy today’s jam of the day

In honor of Thao with the Get down Stay Down, Wednesday’s Jam is Thao.

American Teacher Trailer: \”New Thao with the Get Down Stay Down jams\
Thao With the Geto Down Stay Down: \”When We Swam\”

In honor of Thao with the Get Down Stay Down performing a fall tour! Tonight’s show is just her and the Get Down Stay Down, no Head and the Heart! At any rate, the performance should be great!













Also, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down recently performed the entire Soundtrack to an upcoming documentary, “American Teacher” that is releasining this week in L.A. and NYC. This is a pre-screening. shhhhhhhhhhh, either dig the documentary or dig the new jams. Ideally, you’ll be into the documentary and the new jams. Afterall, the documentary is about the value and importance of our education system.

Today’s Jam of the Day is from Boubacar Traore–nuff said.

Boubacar Traore: \"Secheresse\"
I have been looking forward to an opportunity to see Boubacar perform live for some time now, and the opportunity has finally arrived! I’m absolutely stoked beyond words for tonight. Today’s jam of the day is from Boubacar Traore.

I read the below quote by an anonymous user comment and thought it to encapsulate Boubacar’s music well.
“This music is like a pulse of humanity. No matter what country you are from it makes you stop…listen…breathe…You don’t need to know the words…it’s a pulse…a beautiful multi-colored thread in the wind….”


Monday’s Jam of the Day comes from Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound: \”Te Amo\”

Today there is some kind of mysteriously relaxing ambiance around. You know when you see dust particles suspende in rays of light and everything breaths a calm . Yeah, I guess that’s what today has been like so far. DeerHunter’s frontman Bradford Cox recently released “Te Amo” in preparation for his upcoming release, Parralax. This song would be the music soundtrack  that would play as you jumped out of an airplane and cut through through the silent sky, looking down at the earth below of if you were suspended in some kind of dream space where only you could move among various frozen objects.


Today’s Jam of the Day: Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces: \”Endeavor for never\” (Off the amazing new release, “Black Up”–Don’t follow link–that’s crazy business)
Shabazz Palaces: \”Blastit\” (off the older album “Curse Words”–this jam never gets old)
Shabazz Palaces: \”Live at KEXP\” (This is an in studio performance at the stellar KEXP Radio station in Seattle)

“According to Nation of Islam doctrine, Shabazz was an ancient scientist from Mecca who led the “original people” of the Tribe of Shabazz into Africa.” (Wikipedia).

Similarly, I think Shabazz Palaces, the pet project of Digable Planets’ (super sick hip hop crew from the 90’s) Butterfly has the potential to swing the doors wide open on the Northwest hip hop community if not nationwide, leading hip hop into a reimagined and new paradigm. The vox experimentation coupled by heavy rhythms, electronic experimentation and a conga painting backdrop make for an interesting, hypnotic, and very worthwhile listen. Lyrically, Butterfly delivers a slightly psychedelic and spiritual/philosophical message. If you take all of the above and mix it together with community, meaning, like Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces also introduces, props-up and supports new talent–you’ve got a killing recipe for a new movement  in sound. Unknown to many, Digable Planets played an important role in the introduction of Gang Starr to a larger audience. Basically, it’s no wonder Butterfly has been met which such critical acclaim, he’s a total bad ass on a mission to start a renaissance.

There’s something about the originality of their sound that is boundary breaking and compelling.

Enjoy Today’s jams of the day from Shabazz Palaces of Seattle.

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from Bonobo

Bonobo: \”Flutter\
Bonobo: \”Kiara\”
Bonobo: \”Days to come\”

I have no specific genre that I adhere to or album release date for this blog. While many jamz are recent, many will be classic.

That being said, today’s hot jamz are Bonobo classics, “Days to Come (Feat. Bajka)”, “Flutter” and a more recent piece by him, titled: “Kiara.” I guess there’s something about a mostly overcast day that has me craving the beat heavy,hypnotic, and soothing sound, Greene/Bonobo produces so effortlessly.


Wednesday and The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet: \”Sims vs. Win Win, Burn it Down\”

As usual, The Hood Internet does not stop impressing.  “Burn it Down” is a hot mash-up, well-contructed, and certain to have your head bobbing. The Hood Internet have added yet another contribution the prolific DJ portfolio that The Hood Internet has.












Enjoy today’s jam of the day. Also, if you or your band are looking to try and make the jam of the day, let me know and I’ll give a listen.

It’s Tuesday and Super Melody is the jam of the day!

Super Melody: \”I Want Your Blood\”

So who is Super Melody? Why is Super Melody such a funky bad ass from Transylvania? If you asked either question, I don’t blame you. In fact, these were the two questions that crossed my mind while listening to Super Melody lay down some simple but very funky beats whilst shaking and singing like a sexy vampire.

Turns out Australians can get down with Vampires. James Cecil, former Architecture in Helsinki member, has introduced a new dance.  I hope you enjoy this very hot jam.

Anyway, Super Melody plays some kind of funky 80′s jamz accompanied by strong percussive backdrops overlaid with Transylvanian boogie motifs that can only be had by Dracula. “I want your blood” is the catchy Halloween warm-up you crave.

Can you dig it?