today’s and yesterday’s Jams of the Day: Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees, \”Tidal Wave\”     
Thee Oh Sees, \”Meat STep Lively\”


I just learned that Thee Oh Sees are releasing a new album in November or October. Holy shit, these guys are absurdly prolific.

As far as I’m concerned, The Oh Sees represent one of the most significant post-punk , san francisco psychadelic revivals to date. These guys kill and Ty Segall does not let down. Each song drifts in and out of surf, sex-pistols, and 70’s psychadelia.  Be stoked for their upcoming fall tour.

Today’s Jams of the day are  The Oh Sees” Tidal Wave” and “Meat Step Lively”
Both of these songs kill more heads than a surfer being attacked my a man-eating great white shark dragon.  Also, Castlemania, the most recent album released by Thee Oh Sees has several quintessential, slightly disturbing, sewer stomp jams.

How would I categorize the sound of Thee Oh Sees.
Thee Oh Sees, are post-punk, 70’s Bay-area psychadelic revival, lacking the tedious jams but maintaining the eseence, with a contemporary hue of post-apocalyptic sewer stomp  from the band and their unique sound, all mashed into a sexy and very danceable package.


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