It’s Tuesday and Super Melody is the jam of the day!

Super Melody: \”I Want Your Blood\”

So who is Super Melody? Why is Super Melody such a funky bad ass from Transylvania? If you asked either question, I don’t blame you. In fact, these were the two questions that crossed my mind while listening to Super Melody lay down some simple but very funky beats whilst shaking and singing like a sexy vampire.

Turns out Australians can get down with Vampires. James Cecil, former Architecture in Helsinki member, has introduced a new dance.  I hope you enjoy this very hot jam.

Anyway, Super Melody plays some kind of funky 80′s jamz accompanied by strong percussive backdrops overlaid with Transylvanian boogie motifs that can only be had by Dracula. “I want your blood” is the catchy Halloween warm-up you crave.

Can you dig it?


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