Today’s Jam of the Day: Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces: \”Endeavor for never\” (Off the amazing new release, “Black Up”–Don’t follow link–that’s crazy business)
Shabazz Palaces: \”Blastit\” (off the older album “Curse Words”–this jam never gets old)
Shabazz Palaces: \”Live at KEXP\” (This is an in studio performance at the stellar KEXP Radio station in Seattle)

“According to Nation of Islam doctrine, Shabazz was an ancient scientist from Mecca who led the “original people” of the Tribe of Shabazz into Africa.” (Wikipedia).

Similarly, I think Shabazz Palaces, the pet project of Digable Planets’ (super sick hip hop crew from the 90’s) Butterfly has the potential to swing the doors wide open on the Northwest hip hop community if not nationwide, leading hip hop into a reimagined and new paradigm. The vox experimentation coupled by heavy rhythms, electronic experimentation and a conga painting backdrop make for an interesting, hypnotic, and very worthwhile listen. Lyrically, Butterfly delivers a slightly psychedelic and spiritual/philosophical message. If you take all of the above and mix it together with community, meaning, like Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces also introduces, props-up and supports new talent–you’ve got a killing recipe for a new movement  in sound. Unknown to many, Digable Planets played an important role in the introduction of Gang Starr to a larger audience. Basically, it’s no wonder Butterfly has been met which such critical acclaim, he’s a total bad ass on a mission to start a renaissance.

There’s something about the originality of their sound that is boundary breaking and compelling.

Enjoy Today’s jams of the day from Shabazz Palaces of Seattle.


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