Above Ground Episodes (A>G>E) is Today’s Jam of the Day

Last night I attended Thao w/ the Get Down Stay Down, playing separate from their tour with the head and the heart and as expected, they killed it. Prior to Thao and her band playing at around 10:30 or so , there were several other bands performing as is often the case at the Mercury Lounge. First there was this band called The Ambassadors. Their unique trait was that the keyboardist ( a total bad ass), was blind. The next band was a group I had not heard of before, A>G>E, Above Ground Episodes. 

A>G>E is the project of Josh Wise, former member of The French Kicks. How would I characterizeJosh and his band’s music. I would say that they are minimalistic in the vein of Elliot Smith (similar way of holding notes and carrying a song from start to fruition).  But yet, entirely unique in sound.

I had no idea what to expect of  A>G>E. At moments his music was crisp and fallen-angelic, truly managing to touch your soul and drip drops of reflection on you. At other times his music would take on the sounds of ghosts in limbo, lingering around a silent snow-filled forest. The end came soothingly and left the crowd in silence, relaxed and in their own place. You know that feeling you have after naturally waking up from a half hour nap, the sky is grey and dust particles are illuminated by the morning or evening light. That was how I felt after the show. Truly Amazing. I don’t believe these videos will capture A>G>E. However, they’re all he has on his Tumblr. Do not miss these guys in concert.

Above Ground Episodes (A>G>E): \”Watery Path Demo\”

Above Ground Episodes (A>G>E): \”Walking up a mountain feels good until you wonder why\”

Enjoy today’s jam of the day


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