Halloween Jam of the Day: Ray Parker JR.

Ray Parker Jr.: \”Ghostbusters\”

You know things are gettting real when Ray Parker Jr. is a ghost, creepy things come in neon, Cat’s sleep with dogs, and walter peck brings the apocalypse.

Happy Halloween Weekend: Go Do it Like Ghostbusters NYC!


Friday’s Gorgeous Jam of the Day: Deradoorian

Deradoorian: \”Marichka\”
Discovery with Deradoorian: \”I Wanna be your Boyfriend\” (This is just a catchy ass jam)

There’s been a lot of news recently surrounding the famed Dirty Projectors, a band that seems to always release albums that emminate bad assery. Word on the street is that the dirty Projectors will be releasing their new album this coming sprin.  Dirty Projectors member, bassist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Angel Deradoorian,  released a 7″ with Albert McCloud and Avey Tare. The short album is full of gorgeous and awesome with a little Golden Panther.

 Marichka was co-produced by Deradoorian and Animal Collective’s Dave Portner, aka Avey Tare. This jam and the 7 inch was released earlier this year but the sound fit today’s vibe and are meant to be a homage to the Dirty Projectors and the coming release of their new album that is being met with hot anticipation.

Here’s to hot jamz.

Thursday’s jam of the day: Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada: \”Dayvan Cowboy\” 

Where should I start… I’m at work and it is pouring outside. Last night I witnessed the most mind bending show, confetti drop included, brought to us by the master, Amon Tobin. It’s a gorgeous Northwest day in New york today and the music that suits this weather comes from Boards of Canada.

Boards of Canada produce some of the most whimsical, gorgeous, and unequivocally unique atmospheric soundscapes that I can imagine. HAve you ever dived deep into a lake, opened your eyes, and pushed forward toward the light that is refracting through the clear waters that you are submerged under? You know that experience you have, feeling tight on air, ready to burst and then you crash through the liquid barrier, eyes wide-open, and you gasp in the air around you, looking around at the tree littered hillside. It’s as if you have just been reborn. I imagine Boards of Canada, Dayvan Cowboy as the track that describes that experience. This jam is from five years ago and is definitely without question, today’s jam of the day.


Halloween Jam of the Day: King Khan and the BBQ Show

King Khan And The BBQ Show: \”Zombies\”

Today’s hot Halloween Jam comes from JoKing Khan and the BBQ Show . What can I say,  no band sings about zombies better. Whenever I think Halloween I always think, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Zombie Apocalypse!

On of these days I’ll be able to either join the protected or the infected.


Wednesday’s super ridiculously mind-boggling jam of the day: Amon Tobin ISAM tour

Enough Said,

Amon Tobin: \”Journey Man\”
Amon Tobin: \”Did I mention that future is going to be fucking crazy\” (This is it, the craziest most stunning dance I have ever seen)

“One of the biggest tour stories of the fall is definitely ISAM: Live. The first time in Amon Tobin’s history that the artist has presented his music in a visual format is turning into the falls’ hottest ticket on the concert circuit, with all dates sold out at a record pace. ”

Amon Tobin’s work on ISAM has come untethered and has produced the new sound. It’s that simple. He is a musical master-mind. The entire album is a sonic deconstruction of  musical comforts. Throughout the entirety of the album, there are few moments during which a listener can relax before falling off a cliff into a dark and foreboding place. Basically, this album is unbelievable, marks a transition for Tobin and will be remembered for its revolutionary musical stage performance and sound .

Amon Tobin ISAM is tonight. This ticket is worth more money than Jesus’ Holy Grail to me.
There has never to date been an audio-visual installed performance of this caliber, utilizing these types of technologies, with such grand mastery. I may be the luckiest man alive musically tonight. “The future of musical performance and experience happening now.”



Enjoy Today’s Jam of the Day.

Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Boy and Bear

Boy and Bear: \”Feeding Line\”

Hopefully you all had a nice CMJ or at least enjoyed some of the bands and posts during last week’s massive NYC music event. CMJ absolutely drained the life out of me! It was a blast though. AT any rate, I’m back to posting a jam of the day in the same method that I was before CMJ.

Whatever jam reflects my day.

Today’s hot jam comes from Boy and Bear.



Friday’s CMJ HOT JAMZ Warm-Up: Brian’s Picks

Jesus on a stick covered in edible playdo, dip me in some vino! CMJ has been a musical communion of sorts. Between work during the day and staying up til the wee hours my mind has now morphed into a golden jaguar. Anyway, last night destroyed and Dinosaur feathers were flawless!

Here we are! It’s Friday and it’s now CMJ weekend? We’ve seen more music than california has annoying surfers and this gig is going to continue through the weekend. The below bands are who I’d recommend for tonight! Enjoy! Hope to see y’all tonight.

Miniature Tigers: \”Tchaikovsky and Solitude\”

Purity Ring: \”Lofticries\”

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: \”Household Goods\”

The Fucking Wrath: \”Hell Flies Over\”

Nick Jaina: \”Days in My Room\”

TEEN: \”Little Doods\”

Friday’s Hot CMJ Jam of the Day: Purity Ring

Purity Ring: \”Lofticries\”

There are tons of bands playing today and I’ll be posting my list of groups to see later.  Many of the groups playing today are in the  spacey, ghost prog pop-synth sphere. However, out of all the groups, Purity Ring emerges among them as a leader. Today’s hot jam of the day comes from Purity Ring and their 7″  released earlier this year.

Purity Ring exploded onto the scene with only a few tracks and quickly drove massive amounts of listeners and followers, tracing around the festival and blog circuit. Megan James’ airy, sweet and echoing voice dips near flawlessly into and around  Corin Roddick’s pouting synth and illuminated beats, that alternate between the taste of a pan-galactic garble blaster and that of a stirred hotel martini. Each echoing synth  tribute stutters through your ears smoothly in ecstasy and perfectly pitched to help you acclimate to your new surroundings in a vacuum sealed, gravity-less space pod whirling away from all that is comfortable.

Purity Ring’s weird fascination with jarring, pop-stepped candy infused, melancholy beats is a joy to hear. I enjoy the idea of this jam complimenting my space-travel. Lofticries and other Purity Ring jamz will help you, in your space-pod, drift and cut through darkness, at unimaginable speeds, on an unknown escape mission. The distilled breaks help  you look out into the nether around you, as time and space slow-down, particles slow-down, and you get to observe. Purity Ring is lonely, addictive, ear-catching, danceable, trance-inducing candy-space prog. pop at it’s finest.

Enjoy Today’s CMJ Jam of the Day!