Monday’s Jam of the Day: Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin: \”Journey Man\”

Amon Tobin: \”Journey Man\” (Live ISAM tour)

There are some musicians/artists/talents out there that go without saying. These people are truly some of the best of their generation and for their genre or a movement. These artists have a dynamic ability to keep relevant and have no fear of doing new and different things, constantly evolving his own work and approach while maintaining identifiable characteristics.

Amon Tobin is one such artist. To be fair, I don’t believe there is anyone alive who produces work like Amon Tobin. His sound is truly unique. However, this past Spring, Amon launched a new Album titled, “ISAM.” In short, this album is revolutionary. I could take time to describe just why it is but I think you should listen to it on your own to understand why.

Anyway, I just got my Amon Tobin ticket for the ISAM tour and am ecstatic because his stage performance compliments his wholly unique sound with a never done before approach. The ISAM tour is using light cubes that have a dynamic response and harness 3D projections. In the words of one reviewer. Amon Tobin’s ISAM tour represents “the future of stage performances now.”

Enjoy today’s jam of the day.


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