Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day is from Vadoinmessico (Not to be Missed Under any Circumstance)

Vadoinmessico: \”Pepita Queen of the Animals\”
Vadoinmessico: \”In Spain\”

Vadoinmessico: I go to Mexico is a truly international band representing Italy, Austria and Mexico, and are based in London. I only recently was introduced to this amazing international five piece by my lovely good friend Jenny. Jenny you rock, but who doesn’t know that already? What is there to say? There is more to say than Wrigley’s got gum. I have a feeling you will be hearing more from these guys.

As written on Big Wheel, “Vadoinmessico make music that reflects their culturally diverse origins, and their migratory status in London. The themes that run through Giorgio’s songs are those of the nostalgia of lost lands and lost loves, and but set to the warm and exotic tones of the Mediterranean and Latin influences that permeate their entirely unique sounds.”

I have been recycling them all weekend. All at once, I imagine some kind of hilarious voyage through the jungle while drinking a delicious jalapeno infused vodka, lime, cucumber beverage with muttled cilantro. While on this strange journey, a man appears from the trees wearing mountain attire and carrying a plate of bolognese.  Delicious! This band is psychadelic poppy in a unique way. I want to go to Austro-Italia-Mexico!

Enjoy today’s hot ass jams!


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