Tuesday’s CMJ Jam of the Day: Big Tree

Big Tree: \”Storm King\”

New York to California are the roots of the genre breaking quintet. Big Tree soothes with jazz inspired vocals and concludes with folk reflections. I only just learned about this band and their newly released album, “This New Year.” The sounds of Big Tree are brought to the forefront by Kaila and Anna whose voices often collide like a slowly meandering mountain spring against brook rocks covered in moss only to be accompanied by the equally nice harmonies of the guys. The songs often dip in and out of a jazz melodic daze and follow with a gorgeous “everything is ok” feeling as the songs pick up tempo and dash into to an explanation of why everything is ok. They will be playing  at Living Room. Living Room has played host to many lesser known bands who have exploded.  I think Big Tree is not to be missed if you get a chance to see them play this afternoon. They’ll be performing at the FREE Paper Gardens Showcase.

Also, being a native Seattlelite now living in the big city, I always love a band that gives a shout to the motherland. “Seattle Bound” is a great song. Their sounds will inspire.



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