Wednesday’s CMJ Jam of the Day: The Lumineers

The Lumineers: \”Ho Hey\”

The Lumineers: \”The Dead Sea\”

I’ve had the opportunity to see this now trio grow from a residency at The Living Room to the now full-fledged ass-kicking Indie-folk trio that they are today. After seeing The Lumineers perform on several occassions and at several different venues, I can say with confidence that these three have a unique folk sound that weaves sincerity, love, heartbreak, folklore, and happiness throughout their entertaining songs. The vocals are powerful and their interaction with the crowd is dynamic. The Lumineers will be playing two gigs tonight. one at the Rockwood Music Hall and one at the Mercury Lounge. This Denver trio will not disappoint and they will have you singing with them by the end of the gig, I promise. What can I say about them?

The Lumineers have a compelling stage presence, catchy rhythms and strong vocals full of soul. Their soulful music immediately brings you to an expansive yellow grass plane where all you can see is the sun-rising on the horizon, as a warm breeze blows against you and you reflect on a life of indescribable turns. I highly recommend you see The Lumineers if you haven’t. (Don’t miss these guys)



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