Thursday’s Ridiculously Hot CMJ Jam of the Day: FireHorse

FireHorse: “She’s a River”

FireHorse: “Our Hearts”

FireHorse is the hot and interesting project of singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Leah Siegel. These guys will make my top ten albums of the year for sure. Her band will dazzle your ears with hypnotic and entrancing electronic, post apocalyptic pop  sounds, while instigating a revival of the spooks. FireHorse drives hauntingly beautiful vocals complimented by interesting waves of sound that will certainly have you in awe and waiting to learn what the hell just happened. The sound from FireHorse is a unique one within their genre and not to be missed.

The entire FireHorse album, “And So They Ran Faster” is packed with very digestible jams that will have you peacefully reflecting about lost loves, haves, mortality, and have-nots while you sit in the shadows of a rustic mountain cabin, drinking whiskey as it gently drizzles outside. The music is far from sad, it’s just interesting and I highly recommend seeing Leah’s collective project, FireHorse. Did I mention, Leah has an amazingly powerful and soulful voice and is a total Spooky bad ass on stage? Well, she does and she is. True Fact.



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