Friday’s CMJ HOT JAMZ Warm-Up: Brian’s Picks

Jesus on a stick covered in edible playdo, dip me in some vino! CMJ has been a musical communion of sorts. Between work during the day and staying up til the wee hours my mind has now morphed into a golden jaguar. Anyway, last night destroyed and Dinosaur feathers were flawless!

Here we are! It’s Friday and it’s now CMJ weekend? We’ve seen more music than california has annoying surfers and this gig is going to continue through the weekend. The below bands are who I’d recommend for tonight! Enjoy! Hope to see y’all tonight.

Miniature Tigers: \”Tchaikovsky and Solitude\”

Purity Ring: \”Lofticries\”

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: \”Household Goods\”

The Fucking Wrath: \”Hell Flies Over\”

Nick Jaina: \”Days in My Room\”

TEEN: \”Little Doods\”


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