Friday’s Hot CMJ Jam of the Day: Purity Ring

Purity Ring: \”Lofticries\”

There are tons of bands playing today and I’ll be posting my list of groups to see later.  Many of the groups playing today are in the  spacey, ghost prog pop-synth sphere. However, out of all the groups, Purity Ring emerges among them as a leader. Today’s hot jam of the day comes from Purity Ring and their 7″  released earlier this year.

Purity Ring exploded onto the scene with only a few tracks and quickly drove massive amounts of listeners and followers, tracing around the festival and blog circuit. Megan James’ airy, sweet and echoing voice dips near flawlessly into and around  Corin Roddick’s pouting synth and illuminated beats, that alternate between the taste of a pan-galactic garble blaster and that of a stirred hotel martini. Each echoing synth  tribute stutters through your ears smoothly in ecstasy and perfectly pitched to help you acclimate to your new surroundings in a vacuum sealed, gravity-less space pod whirling away from all that is comfortable.

Purity Ring’s weird fascination with jarring, pop-stepped candy infused, melancholy beats is a joy to hear. I enjoy the idea of this jam complimenting my space-travel. Lofticries and other Purity Ring jamz will help you, in your space-pod, drift and cut through darkness, at unimaginable speeds, on an unknown escape mission. The distilled breaks help  you look out into the nether around you, as time and space slow-down, particles slow-down, and you get to observe. Purity Ring is lonely, addictive, ear-catching, danceable, trance-inducing candy-space prog. pop at it’s finest.

Enjoy Today’s CMJ Jam of the Day!


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