Thursday’s jam of the day: Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada: \”Dayvan Cowboy\” 

Where should I start… I’m at work and it is pouring outside. Last night I witnessed the most mind bending show, confetti drop included, brought to us by the master, Amon Tobin. It’s a gorgeous Northwest day in New york today and the music that suits this weather comes from Boards of Canada.

Boards of Canada produce some of the most whimsical, gorgeous, and unequivocally unique atmospheric soundscapes that I can imagine. HAve you ever dived deep into a lake, opened your eyes, and pushed forward toward the light that is refracting through the clear waters that you are submerged under? You know that experience you have, feeling tight on air, ready to burst and then you crash through the liquid barrier, eyes wide-open, and you gasp in the air around you, looking around at the tree littered hillside. It’s as if you have just been reborn. I imagine Boards of Canada, Dayvan Cowboy as the track that describes that experience. This jam is from five years ago and is definitely without question, today’s jam of the day.



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