Friday’s Gorgeous Jam of the Day: Deradoorian

Deradoorian: \”Marichka\”
Discovery with Deradoorian: \”I Wanna be your Boyfriend\” (This is just a catchy ass jam)

There’s been a lot of news recently surrounding the famed Dirty Projectors, a band that seems to always release albums that emminate bad assery. Word on the street is that the dirty Projectors will be releasing their new album this coming sprin.  Dirty Projectors member, bassist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Angel Deradoorian,  released a 7″ with Albert McCloud and Avey Tare. The short album is full of gorgeous and awesome with a little Golden Panther.

 Marichka was co-produced by Deradoorian and Animal Collective’s Dave Portner, aka Avey Tare. This jam and the 7 inch was released earlier this year but the sound fit today’s vibe and are meant to be a homage to the Dirty Projectors and the coming release of their new album that is being met with hot anticipation.

Here’s to hot jamz.


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