Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights, the project of partners and musical duo  Aaron and Indra, have a  powerful ability to produce hazy  and whimsical soundscapes of   loops, guitar, organ, synth,  and vocal harmonies that will perfectly accompany your creative process, silent walk among crunch leaves, and or a period of thoughtful reminiscing. Their most recent album  936 is a great & soothing listen. The duo have been involved with various projects over the years and 936  from their two person project is yet another approach, only this album’s sounds are further refined, simple and uniquely atmospheric.  What’s great about Peaking Lights is that the two are in love and together share a clearly belief that music listening experience takes many forms. In their acknowledgement of this, they have opted to produce a stunningly beautiful music video that matches the song, “Hey  Sparrow” and its eery beauty to perfection.  Peaking Lights are not to be missed and their respect for craft and experience have won my respect.

The just released video for “Hey Sparrow” is stunning and represents yet another mode for experiencing the band’s wonderful music.

Enjoy today’s jam. 


Monday’s hot jam of the day: Azealia Banks


It’s nice to be back. Sorry for dropping off the bus last week. I was on vacation so I stopped writing for the week–I was eating and drinking with family.

 Anyway, I’m back now and wanna get this jam moving because there are some hot names to drop through December. Today’s killin’jam comes from Azealia Banks. Banks who hails from Harlem is likely on the brink of cracking open the female rap/dance genre. Her synchopated, don’t take crap from no-one snarky approach to singing/rapping in songs like “Runner” and “212” reminds me of Spank Rock and his earlier work while her style and sway reminds me of Jean Grae. She describes her sound as ” a mix of “212”-style, house-heavy pop along with some “rap-bitch shit” and “winter wonderland R&B that’s kind of like Aaliyah.”

Frankly, Banks is great and has a unique sound and from what I gather an insanely high drive to succeed. She’s moving to London and while there is going to record a new album which will kill. I’m willing to play big bucks on Banks; I think she is going to take over the 2012 scene.

Tuesday’s hot jam of the day: The Sandwitches

Well shit,
These ladies may very well be one of my favorite crews hailing from the grand city of San Francisco.

Their sound is seductive, raw, spirited, and destroying with memory  howls. The Sandwitches have many ways to sing about devotion and remorse but no matter what, they will strike you down with a strange owl hoot that will contrast your senses with optimism even in a lightless tunnel.Their second LP, Mrs. Jones’ Cookies, starts out with a high-pitched call to your senses; it’s the kind of arresting song that will leave you ready to digest an LP full of unique and contrasting sound that exhibits teases reminiscent of the darker side of the Boswell Sisters .The record goes a long way in taking you on an inventive stroll down a hollow pipe along a side street on a rainy day that you can only make it through with their help. The Sandwitches are easily some of the best in their genre today.

But what I love about The Sandwitches the most is that whenever I listen to them, I instantly feel like I have been transported to a David Lynch film. And well, that makes me grin.

Enjoy today’s jam of the day and new videos by The Sandwitches.

Friday Jam of the Day: Thee Oh Sees + Concert Review

Well holy god damn shit,

Thee Oh Sees formerly The Ohsees, OCS, Orange County Sound, Orinoka Crash Suite are in nyc and last night played at the famous garage rock house, 285 Kent, where they did everything that was hoped for  minus burning the entire complex down with a massive storm of furious awesome. It’s true, Thee Oh Sees do not fail nor do they suck. Their live performance is a spectacular thing–They sound awesome, have a crisp side, and want you to have a ruckus while fading into their psychedelic hard-hitting noise.

Thee Oh Sees have been stomping around the SF garage scene for sometime now and have opened for many bands who  one in the scene will be familiar with. However, over the past few years, the band has really blossomed into a full on amazing head-act that will pump you full of neck injury and energy on levels that will match the greats!!! Musically the band is crisp, open to improv for partying purposes and does not drop a chance to up the energy ante. What does that mean?

Well it means this! Don’t see Thee Oh Sees if you’re scared by sweat and body rocking because  the pit explodes with danceable electrifying energy. It means the stage fills with people to the brim; it means you are sweating your ass off unless you choose to  spectate and if you don’t move at all–well, why are you at this show to begin with?

Last night the show at Kent in the Burg destroyed. Say what you want about the Burg. I prob won’t disagree but Kent is a staple dive garage venue that meets the sound of Thee Oh Sees to a T. Last night the stars aligned in Brooklyn for an evening of bad assery that will go down as one of the better show s to ever grace Kent. Side-note, Tonight Thee Of Sees are playing at the swank Le Poussin Rouge, frankly this Manhattan venue is not right for these guys but hey, they’ll probably still tear the walls down! Back to last night–Thee Oh Sees did not hold back one bit as they pulled out the hardest jams in their repertoire, including crowd favorites: Tidal Wave and Meat Step Lively.

If I was to come up with a description and ranking of some kind for 285 Kent and Thee Oh Sees  together, it would say the following:

Thee Oh Sees arrived from some-kind of brain melting planet near the crab nebula yesterday evening and coincidentally landed at 285 Kent, where Whiskey and beer flowed like the Mississippi river flows into the atlantic, only the delta was a mass of stellar dance machines asking for libations before following a hard hitting inexplicable noise that was emerging from deep in thee bowls of  a sewer stomp party of absolute mayhem guided by the inclusive, shrieking, jaw dropping, don’t fuck-around, play around! sound of Thee Oh Sees! They killed it.

Enjoy Friday’s Jams of the day

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Bellini

That’s right,

Opera is for bad asses.  Sorry I’m not posting a more usual jam of the day. I may or may not have a super sweet spot for opera and this week, that’s all I’m listening to.  Tonight I’m going to get into a rawkus at Thee Oh Sees but in the meantime I’m getting pumped to Joan Sutherland and The Pav! That’s right, Joan and The Pav are bad asses from some inter-galactic mind boglling planet of super-singers! Not only is Opera amazing to cook to, it’s also amazing to get pumped up to before a fist-pumping punk show!

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Franseco Bellini and his wonderful three part opera, Sonnambula. Joan Sutherland hits D’s from D’s something alien! Today’s jam is titled, “Ah! Non Giunge.”

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Verdi, Nabucco

This blog isn’t specifically devoted to any genre, timeline, or cool factor. This blog is devoted to presenting one super hot jam each day. Take from it what you like. Someday’s you’ll dig, other days you won’t. Either way, I’m appreciative of all that read this blog.

That said, most bands don’t have shit on a good Opera. I know that’s aggressive sounding but my point is that Opera transcends generations, eras, and will always have a mesmerizing and moving sound that can all at once chill your soul and melt your funny bone. Nuff said, case and point

Today’s jam of the day comes from world-famous composer Giuseppe Verdi  and is titled, “Pensiero.” “Pensiero: is from Nabucco, one of my favorite Verdi operas; this song utilizes a full operatic chorus and supernumerary collective and will bring you damn near tears.


Tuesday’s Jam of the day: Wye Oak

Baltimore is undergoing a musical renaissance! There has been an arts and music culture in B-More for some time now.  However, it seems that a handful of bands out of the Oriole city are beginning to take the national spotlight. There is no doubt that the city where Animal Collective’s roots can be found must have a music scene. After exploring the city’s  happening’s and sounds, I came across this beautiful power duo. Enter Wye Oaks
Baltimore’s Wye Oak are composed of (Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack) combined merge heavy hitting beats complimented by haunting vocals of days past and things now. Each song, dives and emerges on the surface with reborn powers. Wye Oaks can rock your face off or bring you to a peaceful rest all in one jam. The band’s ability to drive a song with such complex layers is quite an achievement! Way to kill it. Wye Oak should not be missed under any circumstance. They have a ton going on. Wasner’s voice reminds me of Cat Power to some degree while the jamz are reminiscent of Portland’s Viva Voce and or the production of foam for a perfect saturday cappuccino.
Merge Records knows how to find ’em.

Monday’s Jam of the Day: Youth Lagoon

Hopefully y’all enjoyed lat weeks music historical theme, I definitely did.

Well let’s get back to it, Today’s jam of the day comes from Youth Lagoon. There is something about , Trevor Powers, the man behind Youth Lagoon. I’m not sure if it’s his soothing voice, his interesting approaches to playing with reverb on his latest album, or the strange feeling of thoughtful reflection that you get when you listen to Youth Lagoon.

Whatever it is, there are countless reasons Trevor Powers and his project, Youth Lagoon, deserve to be today’s jam of the day. Youth Lagoon has an undeniable magnetism in every song and he will not disappoint. Imagine sitting on a porch swing looking over an abandoned silver mine somewhere in in northern Idaho on an autumn day, maybe Kellog, the leaves are crackling all around and you are escaping something only to think about it. Youth Lagoon captures a unique kind of stillness and patience.

 Go see him New York. He’ll be in town this week and will be playing at The Mercury Lounge  Tonight and Tomorrow.

I wonder, when did you discover the soul under your voice?



Friday’s, Who Sampled What Super Hot Jamz of the Day: Beck and Them


It’s Friday, and I’m wrapping up this week’s jam of the day theme. It’s been kick ass thinking music historically this week so I have decided to continue this theme once a month. So come december, I’ll be writing a “Who sampled what Hot Jamz” again.

Without further adieu, It’s god damn Friday and all of you need to go out and kick some ass. The last time I checked, old school Beck and jamz from the late 60’s Garage Rock Movement will help you kick ass and take numbers. Put on your boots and tell the next person you meet, the following, ” Hey man, I’m in no place to fuck around, I sweat bad assery. Did you not notice my boots?” This person of course will be speechless. It’s cool though, they probably envy you.

Beck’s Album, Odelay, paid tribute to so much that is made rock expand genres and without question Beck’s, “Devil’s Haircut” is an amazing jam from the album and will always be timeless. That being said, many people probably don’t know why the sound resonates so well the listener. The truth is that the sound is a direct sample and homage to one the best garage rock bands, Them and the song, “I Can Only Give You Everything.”

 The guitar style and approach to “Devil’s Haircut” has existed in Irish and American music vernacular for decades and as such, one can’t help but relate and at the very least, bob your head to the cut. When the Beatles were causing a ruckus across the world, a counter movement in music emerged. This movement came to be known as garage rock. If you ask me, garage rock pre-dates punk and was punk before punk was punk. Nuff said. Boom! Today’s hot jamz are hot so get on it.