Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: SoKo

SoKo: “I Thought I Was an Alien/Alien Love”

Buona cheese griddle a la gardenia,

Pardon my tardiness on writing  yesterday. I was eating candy and watching horrors. Sometimes Bloody Mallory gets in the way of writing.
Today’s jam of the day, the first jam of November  has to be a hot one! Today’s jam comes from the French bad ass, SoKo. Her voice is stunningly full of innocence and curiosity. She sings with a type of honesty that you can only appreciate if you hear it in person. This song is about her falling in love with a guy who is more than willing to be an Alien for her. It’s a pretty cute song and the collaborative effort with Spike Jonez is of course full of awesomeness.

Outside of the cute, the song also captures some of the essence of what happiness means to her. The thoughtfulness of each of SoKo’s lyrics manifests in her voice as it dips between pauses and gusts of wind. I envision her words as I imagine pollen drifting through the air on a Spring day, susceptible to every gust and whirl produced by the river of air.

Today’s jam of the day is off SoKo’s new album, “I Thought I Was an Alien” which will not be releasing ’til February, 2012.  Enjoy this inside scoop and enjoy the wispy words of SoKo.


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