Wednesday’s Hot Portland Hip Hop Jam of the Day: Cloudy October

Cloudy October: “32,000 LBS

Cloudy October: “Wingman (Midlaw )”

Cloudy October: “Play”

Don’t eff with Portland is the name of this Story! Yeah, even though I’m in NYC now, I’m Rose City ’til I die

I think Cloudy October puts it best,

“The Metal Jerk, is named after a rhyme style I am currently employing.

The Metal Jerk is a walking abortion. It is a rhyme style that seems to have an advantage by vocally mimicking and adhering to the instruments inside of a beat. It is inspired by popular piano right hand techniques and improvisational jazz. It is also a rhyme style that is handicapped by my lack of practice, primitive syllable placement within composition and my incessant, desperate use of the punch-in function and delay effect while recording.
This album is dedicated to all you fucks creating safe-hop complaining about other safe-hop artists. Your blood taste terrific and you make my job really easy. My colleagues and I have discussed your plight for many centuries.”

Basically, Cloudy October is a sick nasty Northwest project that will have you dropping head bobs and stomping. This album reminds me of Cool Keith’s Doctor Octagon in all the best ways.

Enjoy and don’t fuck with Portland!


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