Friday’s Stunning Jam of the Day: Cate Le Bon

Last night I had the opportunity to see St. Vincent conclude her North America tour here in NYC. The show was an amazing production and St. Vincent killed it and demonstrated her full vocal range, impressive. However, as you can see, today’s jam of the day is from Cate Le Bon and not St. Vincent. Cate Le Bon opened for St. Vincent and absolutely shocked me with her raw, morbid, introspective, psychedelic songs.

Cate Le Bon is a Welsh bad ass who’s voice reminds me of the best in her genre and yet is totally unique. Cate Le Bon is a modern-day Nico with a despairing and haunting optimism. Each song builds off the next with a deep beautiful billow. Imagine black smoke wafting from a comfortably lonesome brick chimney in an industrial England on a Cold Sherlock Holmes night, that’s Cate Le Bon, gorgeous, serene, ominous, and seductive. Instrumentation is sparse but her voice fills the air with some kind of psychedelic beauty, howling songs that would cause a banshee to chill out and stop killing  people. “Shoeing the Bones” simultaneously reminds one of how difficult it is to be in love but how amazing it can be. Each song of hers has a resilient and timeless beauty. Cate Le Bon is a singular powerhouse.



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