Monday’s, Who Sampled What Jamz of the Day: The Flamingos and The Fugees

Today has been a mellow number to say the least. It’s one of those nostalgic days. S0ooo, I started Listening to The Fugees, “Zealots” off  their unforgettable album, The Score. I gotta say, The Score is one of the best albums out of the 90’s, no doubt. That being said, “Zealots” is a timeless jam and samples the super famous Flamingos and their hit, “I Only Have Eyes for You.”

This week is going to be a thematic week of Daily Jamz with the goal of providing all of you readers with a brief sample of hot music historical jams. As opposed to looking at a Cezanne, we’ll look at The Fugees and other bands that embrace their musical heritage and history.
What’s this week’s theme you wonder?

I’m calling this week’s theme,Who Sampled What Jamz of the Day
Expect hot jamz and their historical counterparts.



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