Thursday’s, Who Sampled What Jamz of the Day: Heavy D and the Boyz and Jean Knight

Continuing with this week’s theme of music historical jamz, I bring you Heavy D and the Boyz.

So as many of you know, The undeniable bad ass of self-esteem and dropping hot flowz left and right without a stutter,Heavy D, just passed away. Yesterday was a huge loss for the rap and hip hop community. Heavy D and the Boyz helped pioneer a straight forward, no bull-shit, heavy beat rap with hot samples, which contributed to the DJ explosions of the early 90’s. Heavy D was famous for paying homage to his music heritage and influences in his songs. Heavy D and the Boyz were true music historians and definitely deserve to be on Who Sampled What Jamz this week,.

Today’s super sexy hot , who samples what, jam of the day comes From Heavy D and the Boyz, with their hit “Mr. Big Stuff.” This song is hot as hell and takes an interesting taste of music history as it samples and covers the very famous mo-town soul queen, Jean  Knight and her ground-breaking jam, “Mr. Big Stuff”. Heavy D pays unique tribute to Jean Knight when he turns her gorgeous and danceable jam about heart-break and not putting up with bs players, and turns it into a quintessential Heavy D jam about him being a bit overweight and proud of it. To me, Heavy D was a rap icon and contributed immensely to current soul and hip hop.

Here’s to Heavy D–Ya Better Recognize!


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