Friday’s, Who Sampled What Super Hot Jamz of the Day: Beck and Them


It’s Friday, and I’m wrapping up this week’s jam of the day theme. It’s been kick ass thinking music historically this week so I have decided to continue this theme once a month. So come december, I’ll be writing a “Who sampled what Hot Jamz” again.

Without further adieu, It’s god damn Friday and all of you need to go out and kick some ass. The last time I checked, old school Beck and jamz from the late 60’s Garage Rock Movement will help you kick ass and take numbers. Put on your boots and tell the next person you meet, the following, ” Hey man, I’m in no place to fuck around, I sweat bad assery. Did you not notice my boots?” This person of course will be speechless. It’s cool though, they probably envy you.

Beck’s Album, Odelay, paid tribute to so much that is made rock expand genres and without question Beck’s, “Devil’s Haircut” is an amazing jam from the album and will always be timeless. That being said, many people probably don’t know why the sound resonates so well the listener. The truth is that the sound is a direct sample and homage to one the best garage rock bands, Them and the song, “I Can Only Give You Everything.”

 The guitar style and approach to “Devil’s Haircut” has existed in Irish and American music vernacular for decades and as such, one can’t help but relate and at the very least, bob your head to the cut. When the Beatles were causing a ruckus across the world, a counter movement in music emerged. This movement came to be known as garage rock. If you ask me, garage rock pre-dates punk and was punk before punk was punk. Nuff said. Boom! Today’s hot jamz are hot so get on it.



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