Monday’s Jam of the Day: Youth Lagoon

Hopefully y’all enjoyed lat weeks music historical theme, I definitely did.

Well let’s get back to it, Today’s jam of the day comes from Youth Lagoon. There is something about , Trevor Powers, the man behind Youth Lagoon. I’m not sure if it’s his soothing voice, his interesting approaches to playing with reverb on his latest album, or the strange feeling of thoughtful reflection that you get when you listen to Youth Lagoon.

Whatever it is, there are countless reasons Trevor Powers and his project, Youth Lagoon, deserve to be today’s jam of the day. Youth Lagoon has an undeniable magnetism in every song and he will not disappoint. Imagine sitting on a porch swing looking over an abandoned silver mine somewhere in in northern Idaho on an autumn day, maybe Kellog, the leaves are crackling all around and you are escaping something only to think about it. Youth Lagoon captures a unique kind of stillness and patience.

 Go see him New York. He’ll be in town this week and will be playing at The Mercury Lounge  Tonight and Tomorrow.

I wonder, when did you discover the soul under your voice?




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