Tuesday’s Jam of the day: Wye Oak

Baltimore is undergoing a musical renaissance! There has been an arts and music culture in B-More for some time now.  However, it seems that a handful of bands out of the Oriole city are beginning to take the national spotlight. There is no doubt that the city where Animal Collective’s roots can be found must have a music scene. After exploring the city’s  happening’s and sounds, I came across this beautiful power duo. Enter Wye Oaks
Baltimore’s Wye Oak are composed of (Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack) combined merge heavy hitting beats complimented by haunting vocals of days past and things now. Each song, dives and emerges on the surface with reborn powers. Wye Oaks can rock your face off or bring you to a peaceful rest all in one jam. The band’s ability to drive a song with such complex layers is quite an achievement! Way to kill it. Wye Oak should not be missed under any circumstance. They have a ton going on. Wasner’s voice reminds me of Cat Power to some degree while the jamz are reminiscent of Portland’s Viva Voce and or the production of foam for a perfect saturday cappuccino.
Merge Records knows how to find ’em.

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