Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Verdi, Nabucco

This blog isn’t specifically devoted to any genre, timeline, or cool factor. This blog is devoted to presenting one super hot jam each day. Take from it what you like. Someday’s you’ll dig, other days you won’t. Either way, I’m appreciative of all that read this blog.

That said, most bands don’t have shit on a good Opera. I know that’s aggressive sounding but my point is that Opera transcends generations, eras, and will always have a mesmerizing and moving sound that can all at once chill your soul and melt your funny bone. Nuff said, case and point

Today’s jam of the day comes from world-famous composer Giuseppe Verdi  and is titled, “Pensiero.” “Pensiero: is from Nabucco, one of my favorite Verdi operas; this song utilizes a full operatic chorus and supernumerary collective and will bring you damn near tears.



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