Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Bellini

That’s right,

Opera is for bad asses.  Sorry I’m not posting a more usual jam of the day. I may or may not have a super sweet spot for opera and this week, that’s all I’m listening to.  Tonight I’m going to get into a rawkus at Thee Oh Sees but in the meantime I’m getting pumped to Joan Sutherland and The Pav! That’s right, Joan and The Pav are bad asses from some inter-galactic mind boglling planet of super-singers! Not only is Opera amazing to cook to, it’s also amazing to get pumped up to before a fist-pumping punk show!

Today’s Jam of the Day comes from Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Franseco Bellini and his wonderful three part opera, Sonnambula. Joan Sutherland hits D’s from D’s something alien! Today’s jam is titled, “Ah! Non Giunge.”


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