Friday Jam of the Day: Thee Oh Sees + Concert Review

Well holy god damn shit,

Thee Oh Sees formerly The Ohsees, OCS, Orange County Sound, Orinoka Crash Suite are in nyc and last night played at the famous garage rock house, 285 Kent, where they did everything that was hoped for  minus burning the entire complex down with a massive storm of furious awesome. It’s true, Thee Oh Sees do not fail nor do they suck. Their live performance is a spectacular thing–They sound awesome, have a crisp side, and want you to have a ruckus while fading into their psychedelic hard-hitting noise.

Thee Oh Sees have been stomping around the SF garage scene for sometime now and have opened for many bands who  one in the scene will be familiar with. However, over the past few years, the band has really blossomed into a full on amazing head-act that will pump you full of neck injury and energy on levels that will match the greats!!! Musically the band is crisp, open to improv for partying purposes and does not drop a chance to up the energy ante. What does that mean?

Well it means this! Don’t see Thee Oh Sees if you’re scared by sweat and body rocking because  the pit explodes with danceable electrifying energy. It means the stage fills with people to the brim; it means you are sweating your ass off unless you choose to  spectate and if you don’t move at all–well, why are you at this show to begin with?

Last night the show at Kent in the Burg destroyed. Say what you want about the Burg. I prob won’t disagree but Kent is a staple dive garage venue that meets the sound of Thee Oh Sees to a T. Last night the stars aligned in Brooklyn for an evening of bad assery that will go down as one of the better show s to ever grace Kent. Side-note, Tonight Thee Of Sees are playing at the swank Le Poussin Rouge, frankly this Manhattan venue is not right for these guys but hey, they’ll probably still tear the walls down! Back to last night–Thee Oh Sees did not hold back one bit as they pulled out the hardest jams in their repertoire, including crowd favorites: Tidal Wave and Meat Step Lively.

If I was to come up with a description and ranking of some kind for 285 Kent and Thee Oh Sees  together, it would say the following:

Thee Oh Sees arrived from some-kind of brain melting planet near the crab nebula yesterday evening and coincidentally landed at 285 Kent, where Whiskey and beer flowed like the Mississippi river flows into the atlantic, only the delta was a mass of stellar dance machines asking for libations before following a hard hitting inexplicable noise that was emerging from deep in thee bowls of  a sewer stomp party of absolute mayhem guided by the inclusive, shrieking, jaw dropping, don’t fuck-around, play around! sound of Thee Oh Sees! They killed it.

Enjoy Friday’s Jams of the day


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