Tuesday’s hot jam of the day: The Sandwitches

Well shit,
These ladies may very well be one of my favorite crews hailing from the grand city of San Francisco.

Their sound is seductive, raw, spirited, and destroying with memory  howls. The Sandwitches have many ways to sing about devotion and remorse but no matter what, they will strike you down with a strange owl hoot that will contrast your senses with optimism even in a lightless tunnel.Their second LP, Mrs. Jones’ Cookies, starts out with a high-pitched call to your senses; it’s the kind of arresting song that will leave you ready to digest an LP full of unique and contrasting sound that exhibits teases reminiscent of the darker side of the Boswell Sisters .The record goes a long way in taking you on an inventive stroll down a hollow pipe along a side street on a rainy day that you can only make it through with their help. The Sandwitches are easily some of the best in their genre today.

But what I love about The Sandwitches the most is that whenever I listen to them, I instantly feel like I have been transported to a David Lynch film. And well, that makes me grin.

Enjoy today’s jam of the day and new videos by The Sandwitches.


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