Monday’s hot jam of the day: Azealia Banks


It’s nice to be back. Sorry for dropping off the bus last week. I was on vacation so I stopped writing for the week–I was eating and drinking with family.

 Anyway, I’m back now and wanna get this jam moving because there are some hot names to drop through December. Today’s killin’jam comes from Azealia Banks. Banks who hails from Harlem is likely on the brink of cracking open the female rap/dance genre. Her synchopated, don’t take crap from no-one snarky approach to singing/rapping in songs like “Runner” and “212” reminds me of Spank Rock and his earlier work while her style and sway reminds me of Jean Grae. She describes her sound as ” a mix of “212”-style, house-heavy pop along with some “rap-bitch shit” and “winter wonderland R&B that’s kind of like Aaliyah.”

Frankly, Banks is great and has a unique sound and from what I gather an insanely high drive to succeed. She’s moving to London and while there is going to record a new album which will kill. I’m willing to play big bucks on Banks; I think she is going to take over the 2012 scene.


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