Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights, the project of partners and musical duo  Aaron and Indra, have a  powerful ability to produce hazy  and whimsical soundscapes of   loops, guitar, organ, synth,  and vocal harmonies that will perfectly accompany your creative process, silent walk among crunch leaves, and or a period of thoughtful reminiscing. Their most recent album  936 is a great & soothing listen. The duo have been involved with various projects over the years and 936  from their two person project is yet another approach, only this album’s sounds are further refined, simple and uniquely atmospheric.  What’s great about Peaking Lights is that the two are in love and together share a clearly belief that music listening experience takes many forms. In their acknowledgement of this, they have opted to produce a stunningly beautiful music video that matches the song, “Hey  Sparrow” and its eery beauty to perfection.  Peaking Lights are not to be missed and their respect for craft and experience have won my respect.

The just released video for “Hey Sparrow” is stunning and represents yet another mode for experiencing the band’s wonderful music.

Enjoy today’s jam. 


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