Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Panda Bear

It’s no secret–Panda Bear is a bad ass on a scale that is rivaled by few contemporaries and for that he will often be on the Jam of the Day. He’s not without flaws in noise play but he his unique approach and mastery to sound and ephemeral musicality. Today’s Jam of the day is Panda Bear’d “You Can Count on Me.” This was the jam of the day several weeks ago. However, the official video for the song has just launched and well–it’s a hot jam.



Tuesday’s Jam of the day: Feist


God damn, I have Failed December.
So irritating, grrrrrrrrrrrr (my inner tiger is pissed because Blue cheese doesn’t have the consistency of chevre and therefore, blogging has fallen to the wayside for other things [namely mulled wine]. Things have been nuts with holiday related stuff and I have not been updating this blog  everyday. But sometimes shit happens. And well, that’s about that.
How can I put it. Sometime Musicians morph into cabin dwellers. Many musicians go on these voyages to reinvent there sound as is well characterized by The Mighty Boosh in “Searching for the new sound.” That being said, there is this type of whimsical and often orchestrated almost alcha seltzer like quality to listening to music from a person who has recently returned from a cabin voyage. Anyway, Leslie Feist was in the woods this past year and while there recorded what would later transform into her most recent album, “Metals.” The album is curious and very Feist but with a dash of mountain retrospective with a hint of dark absence. Dark absence is basically a drink that has transformed into a bubbling and forgettable invention. “Metals” is an interesting album that is very worth your ears and time.

Enjoy todays jam.

Tuesday’s hot jam of the day: Jeffrey Lewis

Well shit, I’ve pretty much failed on  posting jamz over the past week. Life just got crazy. My bad. Let’s change that. without further adieu! Jeffrey Lewis! So who the hell is Jeffrey Lewis and why is he a mastermind folk artist?  A new York Time musician profile puts it well,  His “earnest takes on heartbreak with the extended, self-deprecating ego dissections… have earned him a reputation as something like the indie-rock Woody Allen.” And while self-referential intellectualism and New York City are one in the same, Lewis reminds me of a 21st century Jonathan Richman. He goes beyond the stereotype to a place of sincere approachable beauty.

Lewis unknowingly or maybe completely knowingly turns his music into monologues and dialogues of reflection and thought. His approach is at once humorous, sad, enjoyable, uplifting, flattering, and communal. Lewis’ unique off-kilter sound and approach to stage and lyrics is a force to be reckoned with. His strange sound and tact have developed for him a very devout group of followers who will swear by his sound and lyrics. They are a community of people who relate to one another and connect with the underlying truths of Lewis’ jamz. Lewis’ ability to develop a community of such is a unique and amazing talent for a musician to possess. So I guess we can just watch and enjoy the maturation of Jeffrey Lewis and his quirky jamz. Enjoy!

Holy Hot Damn sauce Thursday Jam of the Day: Air

Well, what can I say.

This song, “Seven Stars ft. Victoria Legrand”  by Air just pre-released  for Le Voyage Dans La Lune, out February 2012  and is  both stunning and a truly new level for Air!!!! The prolific and reliably hot Air have been around for some time now. Many of their albums have been met with fan appeal and fervor but I believe this will outsell Moon Safari.  They have truly out-done themselves with this jam and what this album could potentially be or become. If “Seven Stars ft. Victoria Legrand” is any indication of the entire new album that will launch in 2012, we are in store for a best of the year release. We are lucky for this early gem of a jam. 

This music is quintessential Air but matured, further developed, more fully orchestrated, complex,  and gorgeous, just gorgeous! Air’s new music is simply beautiful

Enjoy today’s super pre-release hot jam of the day!

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Ólöf Arnalds

This week has been out of control so pardon that my posts have been more brief than normal. I still want to supply y’all with a daily jam! Today my friend Alexanne, a music fan on her own right recommended I check out Ólöf! Turns out, Ólöf rocks my world. Her voice is stunning; her tact and english, incredible. Listening to music by Arnalds is like listening to the sweet sound of an icicle slowly melt into the grass on a meandering creek in a serene forest illuminated by the calming light of a harvest sun.

“Ólöf Arnalds is one of Iceland’s most promising rising stars. While classically trained on the violin and self-taught on viola, guitar and charango, her most distinguishing feature is her voice. Otherworldly and celestial, her singing is fragile and timeless.”


Monday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Lana Del Rey

I know I know.

I’ll say this though. Lana has a hot voice and she is taking her sound completely viral. She is hyped and hyped and hyped!!! This video isn’t even the video but was just released! She  has torn through the ratings without even releasing an album. Her ability to be fabulous is second to none. She was signed to major label Interscope Records on the strength of two songs.

 About her affiliation with the indie community: basically she doesn’t give a damn. She’s here for herself.

It’s a great song.


Thursday’s Jam of the Day: The Lebron Brothers Orchestra


So this band is a complete gem. What can I say that will do these funky latin masters justice? The Lebron Brothers struck out on the scene  in the late 60’s and into the 70’s. Many have not heard of these guys and not surprisingly. It was not until fairly recently that their  break-out album “Pychedelic Goes Latin” was re-released and printed. The Lebron Brothers are  a musical family born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The Lebron Brothers were in Brooklyn during the latter half of the massive Puerto Rican invasion. There was a time when Latin dance meets were super common and trendy. The brothers would play at all the famous spots and tour as well. What was their major contribution you might be wondering. Well, The Lebron Brothers are the band that receives credit for classifying several latin dances into a genre of music. The Lebron Brothers coined the term Salsa. The term Salsa was a part of one of their famous jamz, “Salsa y Control.” “Up until then the mambo, son montuno, guaracha, guaguanco, cha cha cha etc. had no genre. “SALSA Y CONTROL”finally gave this music a name that is now known and acknowledged worldwide.”

So what can I say, The Lebron Brothers are full of about as much bad assery as Rama. I hope that you all get down with these true kings of latin dance.

Enjoy today’s absurdly special hot jam of the day treat!  I feel like sharing the amazing sound of The Lebron Brothers so…