Thursday’s Jam of the Day: The Lebron Brothers Orchestra


So this band is a complete gem. What can I say that will do these funky latin masters justice? The Lebron Brothers struck out on the scene  in the late 60’s and into the 70’s. Many have not heard of these guys and not surprisingly. It was not until fairly recently that their  break-out album “Pychedelic Goes Latin” was re-released and printed. The Lebron Brothers are  a musical family born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, New York. The Lebron Brothers were in Brooklyn during the latter half of the massive Puerto Rican invasion. There was a time when Latin dance meets were super common and trendy. The brothers would play at all the famous spots and tour as well. What was their major contribution you might be wondering. Well, The Lebron Brothers are the band that receives credit for classifying several latin dances into a genre of music. The Lebron Brothers coined the term Salsa. The term Salsa was a part of one of their famous jamz, “Salsa y Control.” “Up until then the mambo, son montuno, guaracha, guaguanco, cha cha cha etc. had no genre. “SALSA Y CONTROL”finally gave this music a name that is now known and acknowledged worldwide.”

So what can I say, The Lebron Brothers are full of about as much bad assery as Rama. I hope that you all get down with these true kings of latin dance.

Enjoy today’s absurdly special hot jam of the day treat!  I feel like sharing the amazing sound of The Lebron Brothers so…



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