Tuesday’s hot jam of the day: Jeffrey Lewis

Well shit, I’ve pretty much failed on  posting jamz over the past week. Life just got crazy. My bad. Let’s change that. without further adieu! Jeffrey Lewis! So who the hell is Jeffrey Lewis and why is he a mastermind folk artist?  A new York Time musician profile puts it well,  His “earnest takes on heartbreak with the extended, self-deprecating ego dissections… have earned him a reputation as something like the indie-rock Woody Allen.” And while self-referential intellectualism and New York City are one in the same, Lewis reminds me of a 21st century Jonathan Richman. He goes beyond the stereotype to a place of sincere approachable beauty.

Lewis unknowingly or maybe completely knowingly turns his music into monologues and dialogues of reflection and thought. His approach is at once humorous, sad, enjoyable, uplifting, flattering, and communal. Lewis’ unique off-kilter sound and approach to stage and lyrics is a force to be reckoned with. His strange sound and tact have developed for him a very devout group of followers who will swear by his sound and lyrics. They are a community of people who relate to one another and connect with the underlying truths of Lewis’ jamz. Lewis’ ability to develop a community of such is a unique and amazing talent for a musician to possess. So I guess we can just watch and enjoy the maturation of Jeffrey Lewis and his quirky jamz. Enjoy!


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