Tuesday’s Jam of the day: Feist


God damn, I have Failed December.
So irritating, grrrrrrrrrrrr (my inner tiger is pissed because Blue cheese doesn’t have the consistency of chevre and therefore, blogging has fallen to the wayside for other things [namely mulled wine]. Things have been nuts with holiday related stuff and I have not been updating this blog  everyday. But sometimes shit happens. And well, that’s about that.
How can I put it. Sometime Musicians morph into cabin dwellers. Many musicians go on these voyages to reinvent there sound as is well characterized by The Mighty Boosh in “Searching for the new sound.” That being said, there is this type of whimsical and often orchestrated almost alcha seltzer like quality to listening to music from a person who has recently returned from a cabin voyage. Anyway, Leslie Feist was in the woods this past year and while there recorded what would later transform into her most recent album, “Metals.” The album is curious and very Feist but with a dash of mountain retrospective with a hint of dark absence. Dark absence is basically a drink that has transformed into a bubbling and forgettable invention. “Metals” is an interesting album that is very worth your ears and time.

Enjoy todays jam.


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