Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Hospitality

These cats are from Brooklyn and their Indie pop flavor is catchy in all the ways you may enjoy. They just dropped their first feautre album and I think warrant some views! They are playing a show at Glasslands this Friday–Go dig them Live and report.




Monday’s Jam of the day: The Stolen Sweets

Well damn,

Unfortunately these guys do not have any high quality youtube or Vimeo videos of their work. The Stolen Sweets of Portland, Oregon are a the 3-part harmony faithful recreation of the famours 1930s group, The Boswell Sisters. The vocals of Jen Bernard, Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland compliment a certain Mr. Pete Krebs and Mr. David Langenes well. The resulting sound is a time-machine to an era of swing jazz out of an old Hollywood Movie. I’ve had a chance to see this group on several occassions and today, they just popped into my head. The result of their music and homage to the Boswell Sister’s is a unique brand of upbeat and contagious vintage jazz; the Stolen Sweets may steal your heart.

I know the quality is low but Enjoy.

Friday Jam of the Day: Antony and the Johnsons

 I appreciate the below description of his amazing and unique performance at RadioCity last night.

“The Museum of Modern Art has commissioned Antony and the Johnsons to perform Swanlights, on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Featuring a 60-piece orchestra, the performance piece is conceived as a new commission especially developed for the January 26th performance, and an evolution of the highly acclaimed The Crying Light, which was presented at the Manchester Opera House for the 2009 Manchester International Festival. Envisioned as a meditation on light, nature, and femininity, Swanlights includes songs from all four of Antony and the Johnsons’ albums (self-titled, I am a Bird Now, The Crying Light, and Swanlights), set to symphonic arrangements by Nico Muhly, Rob Moose, and Maxim Moston.”

His performance last night was stunning and a unique first–Antony and the Johnsons is a gorgeous etherial blend of orchestration, deep and dissecting self-reflection, performance art, and meaningful hymns. His

Thursday’s Hot Jamz of the Day: Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi

That’s right,

While the majority of posts on this site are about contemporary groups, up and coming sounds, and what’s hitting shelves in the fututre! By now you should all know that I love the hell out of Opera. Opera is in so many words–an awesome amazing party for the ears! As far as I’m concerned, Opera

Opera is definitely on the mind today–Why? Why because NYC/Brooklyn just announced the return of THE PEOPLE’S OPERA! The experience of Opera is second to none and anyone that claims snobbery can claim it–but I’ll have to look down at you for the rest of your life. Joking–or am I serious? No I’m jking. Anyway, The People’s Opera is an awesome event. The idea behind the happening is that Opera can often be quite expensive and well–tons of people who normally can’t afford entry to shows are often bummed! In walks The People’s Opera from stage left! Now Opera is Affordable–at least for a short amount of time.

Back to today’s jam–Giuseppi Verdi is easily one of my favorite Opera composers and La Traviata is a beast of a show to battle. La Traviata is a three act Verdi piece–La Traviata means The Fallen Woman–Since Opera’s are seldomly overly complex, my guess is that you all will be able to guess what happens in this Opera. It is a gorgeous Opera that I highly recommend listening to, if you haven’t already. So in homage to The People’s Opera and to Opera being full of bad-assery, I bring you today’s jamz from the super sexy, Pavarotti and Opera gangsters.

God, where would we be without The Pav? Pobably somewhere miserable.

Wednesday’s hot hot Jam of the Day: Phèdre

Well damn,

This is a strange video but my note to self is that one day if I ever get married, everyone is going to pour honey and corn syrup on each other. Joking–or am I?
I’m not sure if I’m joking or not! So I just came across this psychedelic jam. It reminds me of hot 80’s jamz whilst melding futuristic bacchanalian  vocals and celebration! Phèdre just dropped an Ep online and well–the sounds are catchy and make you want to be a part of some nutso psychedelic mythos. This song is so cool because of it’s take on greek mythology! The song exemplifies using historic matter to influence cool song-writing . It’s interesting to think about just how many great songs could be made based upon ancient mythology.


I dig Phèdre : “In Decay”

Tuesday’s 100th Post Hot Jam of the Day: A Battle of the Sexy jamz

In honor of today being the 100th post of Fiore Jam of the Day, I have decided to pit two very sexy male musicians against each other for the most sexy song maker award. Feel free to chime in with thoughts. Basically, I love the music of both these men–it goes without saying that these two men have produced some of the most sultry music of a generation. The question is which of the following two men have produced the sexiest music?

In the red corner: Serge Gainsbourg

In the blue corner: Caetano Veloso

This is almost a question of which country is more seductive, France or Brazil?
Enjoy today’s jamz of the day.

Monday’s Jam of the Day: Animal Collective

Today, I started feeling nostalgic for Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs. That was a fantastic tour and the jamz off of it really solidified my appreciation for the band as a genre cutting, eclective creative powerhouse brought to our ears as a song generating machine. A fact about Sung Tongs is that it was only made by Noah Lenox (Panda Bear) and David Portner (Avey Tare). Sung Tongs gained massive esteem when it launched and I think it’s fair to say that it was this album that helped drive Animal Collective to un-paralled fame in the 21st century–their sound and efforts were really brought to fruition and controlled after this album. So in honor of Animal Collective’s prolific history–Today’s jamz of the day are off of Sung Tongs.


Friday’s Absurd Sick Nasty Jam of the Day: SPOEK MATHAMBO

Well where to start, what to say?

I wanna start by saying that South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo and his self-described “township tech” is going to take the club scene by crazy storm–this man has a new flavor of musical contribution. Mathambo takes Afro Futurist’ to another level entirely and makes them look as old school as Coolio. This is absurd jamz at its best and I’m certain that Spoek Mathambo is a crazy ass! His beats drop hard and pulse through your nerves. At first, he comes across as daunting and a-typical, at times playing what appears to be hip hop beats in reverse matched against psychedelic electro accompaniment and drones. This guy has barely touched the American scene predominantly because he has been unable to bring his entire crew out here. That said, he just signed to Sub-Pop and I assure you this man has a sound that is new, refreshing and takes hip-hop, tech, dance, and awesomeness to another level. His crazed induced jams are unmistakable, intense, addicting, and may make you feel temporarily insane–but in a good way.

Within Minutes what was first uneasy for you will have transformed to an irresistible drug of music. You will be dropping your head and bobbing wherever you are. This gem has been on  loop all day and I’m dancing while writing this post. There’s no doubt that Spoek Mathambo hits hard, insane and deep with multiple layers of distress as his driving voice covers your mind and body. It’s crazy and everywhere. I’m stoked to see more of him in 2012 and want to witness him in person! This man shatters. Nuff said

Enjoy today’s jamz

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Daniel Rossen

Grizzly Bear’s new album is still on the shelf and news has yet to trickle out about it. However, Grizzley Bear’s Daniel Rossen just announced the release of a solo EP titled  “Silent Hour/Golden Mile.”  Today’s Jam of the day, “Saint Nothing” is off the EP. What do I think about it? I think this album is sincere and gorgeouos–there is something striking about this song as it makes me feel as if Rossen is on some kind of mission to find himself–he comes across as lost and confused–it seems like this album or this song is a means for him to contemplate and rediscover where he’s at and where he stands.  The strings and horns swell and shrink throughout the song  as if they are breathing and meditating. The song reminds me of taking deep breaths on a very cold day in the woods.  “Saint Nothing” is a hot jam.


Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra (UMO)


A question for the ages, I guess.

Only we now know–however, all of us sang a different tune when UMO released their anonymous debut album on bandcamp!

Shooting lightyears forward, we learn that UMO is a freak Portland infused New Zealand project, headed by Ruban Nielson that arrived on this planet for an intergalactic love odyssey…

UMO has received as much press as a World Record bowl of Chili and comparable amounts of lauding for their interesting and untraceable songs as well. Pitchfork put it well with, “Some time after, those songs (the bandcamp ones) started being performed live by human beings who do mundane things like wear Baja drug rugs, live in Portland, and maintain an active Twitter feed. But there’s still something eerily extraterrestrial about their debut LP, as if it were something that fell from the sky completely intact.” This psych-rock shout back to the days of yore or should I say, the days of “Yes” is irresistibly appealing

None of the ambiguity would mean anything if the debut album did not emerge from UMO like some light emminating tribute to the awesomeness that composed the 70’s psych-rock primordial soup . The synchopation, loving harmonies, and wafting escalations of intensity help UMO to stand out in today’s musicscape.

Dig it and Enjoy