Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Tandoori Knights

Well what can I say, This album came out last year and it’s crazy as hell mixed with a wildfire started by a mountain cat with mystical powers. Arish Ahmad Khan, better known by his stage name, King Khan, is one crazy ass mofo. His blending of psychedelic/post-punk themes with a dash of rockabilly stomp and an endless self deprecating humor have allowed The Khan to become synonymous with Awesome.

Enter Tandoori Knights:

For starters, Anything Tandoori is generally good. Therefore, this band upon inception had a good chance of being pretty digestible. All and all the album is salty but when blended together with some jasmine rice, and a side of mango chutney complimented by a lassi, the listener is given another awesome psychedelic excursion in vindaloo mayhem.

Tandoori Knights is the latest of King Khan’s musical ventures, only this time teaming up with another  Canadian Post-punk stomp psychedelic musician, Bloodshot Bill. Working together each of them offer a unique dash of psychosis infused jamz. The cultural crossings of these two might have conceived an Indian themed garage rock, post-punk theaterical golden love child band better than sita and rama–just saying. These two are hysterical and worth a mindless listen. Dig it?

Enjoy today’s Jam of the Day.


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