Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Kurt Vile

What can I say, Kurt Vile has exploded the scene with his interesting lackadaisical singer songwriter approach. He has carved out an original and unmistakable sound that I think became polished last Spring with his oh so sweet, Smoke Ring for My Halo. He recently released the So Outta Reach EP  and in truth, it is a perfect continuation of his most recent endeavors.This is a prolific man and the The 30-plus-minute offering opens with “The Creature” a dirty serenade that we all relate to.

The seemingly despondent bad ass that Vile is continues into this New Year. His lyrics and rhythms seamlessly weave together and his sound isminiscent of an individual walking down a desert highway, midday while drinking a black coffee and smoking a cigarette. He almost seems impartial to himself which is great but also quite heavy to handle if you sit to consider each song’s lyrics. In the end, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal because who are you to speak, person drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, debating your own value–joking. But in truth, his music will find you at ease and deep in reflection.

Enjoy today’s jam of the day.


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