Friday’s Super Hot Jam of the Day: Grass Widow

Well shit and gorillas at the zoo digging sweet jamz.

That’s what I got–This is conceivably the best music video I have ever seen.  Nothing gets better than gorillas enjoying a concert, wearing buckets on their heads, and connecting with human musicians. Even if Grass Widow sucked, I’d still post this video because it’s awesome, nuff said. However, Grass Widow is far from sucking. In fact, they kick ass and I’m incredibly stoked listening to their unique blend of all the best female-fronted late ‘70s punk bands  like the slits and the more contemporary psychedelic reigns of Cat Power . These ladies have an awesome infusion of airy  yet directed and driving vocals complimented by often post-punk surf rock sounds.

They are what I want in a power trio: heavy, bad ass, and driving!

Their sounds are upbeat and ominous all at once, simultaneously euphoric and diminishing in a way that reminds me of a melting ice cream sundae before it gets poured on popcorn. Grass Widow’s “Milo Minute” off of their EP Nature is stellar.

The bottom line is that Grass Widow kick ass and should be listened to. I mean, they play for Gorillas… Who else can say that?
Enjoy today’s Jam of the Day


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