Wednesday’s Hot Jam of the Day: The Shins (a surprising return)


This week saw the release of a new single by The Shins, who have been on hiatus for five years. The Shins, The seminal Portland band played a large role in driving 21st century rock and pop in a couple specific directions–these guys have a resume that rivals the biggest of bands.

Whether you like listening to The Shins or not, you have to credit them with having a tremendous impact on the international music community. Furthermore, this latest pre-album release titled, “Simple Song” at once maintains quintessential Shins sounds and techniques, yet it also drifts away from the old–in a way, The Shins declare that the band has matured together and has a new vision for their sound’s future. It’s certainly not the twee pop of ‘Chutes too Narrow’ but it carries the effortlessly catchy guitar rifts and organ noodling that so many have come to love and appreciate about the band. The forthcoming album, ‘Port Of Morrow’ will be launched on band leader James Mercer’s Aural Apothecary label via Columbia Records in March and I imagine to high acclaim if the rest of the album reflects the buzz as well as the easily digestible sounds of “Simple Song”

I feel like ‘Port of Morrow’ is a matured Shins and represents a new era in their sound. Expect much more from this far from dead band.I dig this jam and think you all will as well.



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