Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Dave Depper and The Ram Project

Well damn,

This is a sort-of hysterical jam of the day… All I can say is cover party 2012, catchy as hell cover party 2012 is more like it.

Of all The Beatles, McCartney probably had the highest expectations by a manic crowd of  devoted followers after the band’s historic break-up–Lennon was known for peace and well, Ringo and George were Ringo and George. McCartney needed to produce music and fast–so he set-out on a solo career and created music that is reminiscent of in-house recorded demos and it sold well. However, he produced a second album titled, “Ram”. “Ram” did not meet the hearts and minds of the zeitgeist and apparently, “Jon Landau in Rolling Stone called it ‘monumentally irrelevant.'” That being said, critics joined his side later on and now regard it as his seminal solo work. This brings us to today–veteran musician Dave Depper, member of numerous Portland crews including Loch Lomond and now the Fruit Bats said, screw it, and recorded a cover album, title, “The Ram Project”  with Joan Hiller on bvox. He then grabbed a group of cohorts to pay tribute to this once befuddled  and catchy album.

Depper set out on this project during a tough time in his own career, “Stuck in a self-described ‘rut.'” However, I think he really does a pretty amazing job of mimicking McCartney word for word and lick for lick. However, Depper does not carry the depth of  McCartney. Herein lies the problem with Depper’s work, it is a direct cover  but not as good as “Ram,”so why listen to this? Why is it a jam of the day? Who cares?

My answer is simple: Depper’s cover album, “The Ram Project” is catchy as hell, a solid cover that deserves some credit, and anyone who has a background in music and decides to be music historical, relevant and on a quest for his new sound in a funny way is good in my book. I think Depper’s “The Ram Project” is hysterical, fun to listen to and relevant. The truth of the matter is that this is a cover, enjoy it for what is– enjoy these jamz and set aside expectations for the morning.

Cheers and all that jazz.


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