Friday’s Jam of the Day: Vassar Clements

That’s right!

I’m going to the Catskills all weekend and as such I thought today’s jam should reflect that gorgeous hilly region!

We were unsure whether our wagon train yokes and oxen could handle the hurricane winds of the delta! We had to ford a few rivers, cross bogs, make some stew, avoid dysentery, and kill at least one black tailed deer every hour to sustain the hardships that we’d faced in the treacherous Catskills also known as, “The Steeps of Snowy Death.” If we didn’t make it, it was because we experienced a Donner moment, if we did, we would bring a hootenanny and jug band.

Without further adieu, backwoods bluegrass daddy, Vassar Clements, and his jam, “Crossing the Catskills.”

Dig it and enjoy the long weekend!


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