Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Unknown Mortal Orchestra (UMO)


A question for the ages, I guess.

Only we now know–however, all of us sang a different tune when UMO released their anonymous debut album on bandcamp!

Shooting lightyears forward, we learn that UMO is a freak Portland infused New Zealand project, headed by Ruban Nielson that arrived on this planet for an intergalactic love odyssey…

UMO has received as much press as a World Record bowl of Chili and comparable amounts of lauding for their interesting and untraceable songs as well. Pitchfork put it well with, “Some time after, those songs (the bandcamp ones) started being performed live by human beings who do mundane things like wear Baja drug rugs, live in Portland, and maintain an active Twitter feed. But there’s still something eerily extraterrestrial about their debut LP, as if it were something that fell from the sky completely intact.” This psych-rock shout back to the days of yore or should I say, the days of “Yes” is irresistibly appealing

None of the ambiguity would mean anything if the debut album did not emerge from UMO like some light emminating tribute to the awesomeness that composed the 70’s psych-rock primordial soup . The synchopation, loving harmonies, and wafting escalations of intensity help UMO to stand out in today’s musicscape.

Dig it and Enjoy