Friday’s Absurd Sick Nasty Jam of the Day: SPOEK MATHAMBO

Well where to start, what to say?

I wanna start by saying that South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo and his self-described “township tech” is going to take the club scene by crazy storm–this man has a new flavor of musical contribution. Mathambo takes Afro Futurist’ to another level entirely and makes them look as old school as Coolio. This is absurd jamz at its best and I’m certain that Spoek Mathambo is a crazy ass! His beats drop hard and pulse through your nerves. At first, he comes across as daunting and a-typical, at times playing what appears to be hip hop beats in reverse matched against psychedelic electro accompaniment and drones. This guy has barely touched the American scene predominantly because he has been unable to bring his entire crew out here. That said, he just signed to Sub-Pop and I assure you this man has a sound that is new, refreshing and takes hip-hop, tech, dance, and awesomeness to another level. His crazed induced jams are unmistakable, intense, addicting, and may make you feel temporarily insane–but in a good way.

Within Minutes what was first uneasy for you will have transformed to an irresistible drug of music. You will be dropping your head and bobbing wherever you are. This gem has been on  loop all day and I’m dancing while writing this post. There’s no doubt that Spoek Mathambo hits hard, insane and deep with multiple layers of distress as his driving voice covers your mind and body. It’s crazy and everywhere. I’m stoked to see more of him in 2012 and want to witness him in person! This man shatters. Nuff said

Enjoy today’s jamz