Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils have a jangle pop sound that coincides nicely with your ears and has them standing out among their contemporaries. Over the past couple of years they have produced a solid catalogue of foggy-feeling  indie rock while also preventing the all too common musical redundancy that so many bands experience. They have taken their music to the next step while not straying too far from the sound that people expect from them. I think this is a good thing as it allows the band to demonstrate musical diversity in a genre of sound that often lacks some of that diversity. 

Their new  seven-inch. “Shallow” truly embraces their evolution of sound. The album is full of long progressions that place the listener in a daze of musical contemplation as the band’s vocals fill the rest of the environment with a beautiful soundscape of upbeat confusion and longing. The album brings out an ideal euphoric melancholy  and you’ll want to play them on repeat during an overcast blanketed day or while sipping a hot toddy and addressing your thoughts.



Tuesday’s Hot Sick Nasty Jam of the Day: Pond

Well, it’s happening-it is now officially undisputable. Australia is playing a major role in shaping an entire genre of contemporary spastic psych rock. I dig this movement of sound. Aussie crews fell across my radar with the Tame Impala advent and since then, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Modular, a label that is inspiring and investing in this new musical movement. Pond is composed of bad-assery and a bit more bad-assery; they of course conjure up parallels to the now international Tame Impala–likely because the band shares two members with the wild psych rock Aussies. The sound of Pond is a direct shot to 70’s psych rock and funk-lovin’, only with a contemporary flare, both lyrically as well as effects used–not to mention Pond’s members are all on the younger side.  This new kind of out-back sun-baked psych rock will sting your rock core and toss you into a dessert of rock magic. As a head’s up, the band’s up and coming Beard, Wives, Denim is streaming online. That said, I’m going to get their LP when it launches on March 6th. These guys are back to basics rock–and that’s refreshing. dig em…

Enjoy today’s  hot jamz. .

Monday’s Jam of the Day: Bon Iver

So what can I say, I have a bit of a soft spot for Bon Iver. However, the reason I chose today’s jam is both about Bon Iver’s predictably beautiful song, “Towers” as it is about the official video for “Towers.” The official video just launched and it is a gorgeous depiction of an older fisherman type, driving deep into the woods to carrying what looks like a massive dream catcher but is actually crabbing equipment. He then paddles out to sea and witnesses the collapse of a massive surreal wooden Tower–is it his tower?–his life’s build up–not sure–it’s collapse is the symbolic collapse of him as well. Definitely an interesting storyline.  The thought is gorgeous and the symbolism of his spiritual connectedness causes for pause and reflection. I haven’t quite figured the video out yet but I’m working on it.

As usual, Bon Iver does not let down. His voice is pitch perfect and resonates with your imagination. I’m always impressed by Bon Iver videos as they are often whimsical in one respect while also maintaining some semblance of being realistic. The juxtaposition is subtle and powerful. Towers is a gorgeous song and the video describes the music eloquently.


Friday’s Jam of the Day: Mirroring

This is the new rainy day, dream boat collaboration of Grouper and Tiny Vipers. Listening to this song is like listening to rain drops against a plastic awning on a grey nw winter’s day. It’s relaxing; it’s the sky. “Fell Sound” can be characterized as atmospheric and wispy with a musical approach that conjures up imagery of damp moss hanging from a redwood tree, surrounded by mist–between illuminated bark strip word reflect and refract into the forest around you. Mirroring a power duo that you should experience 


Thursday’s Get It Done Jam of the Day: AC/DC


It’s just one of those days. Been getting down with the get down and needed some extra hyper-boost fuel  to conquer the world. I think you all probably need some get shit done hyper-boost fuel as well. Let’s be frank, AC/DC, “Thunderstruck,” is quite possibly one of the biggest get pumped jams to come out in the past 50 years. Think what you want about the band as a whole, but with regard to getting pumped and destroying your day–“Thunderstruck.”  Now go get Thunderstruck!!!


Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Tanlines

Tanlines are to New York’s current music scene as hummus is to Pita. You can think whatever you want about this emerging band but we have to acknowledge the impact they are slowly having on the NYC scene. It’s funny because the two have only released a single EP and that was back in 2010. However, they play live all the time and definitely throw a memorable show. They recently released “Brothers” from the soon to be launched album Mixed Emotions, and well they have produced a golden piece. “Brothers” is, simply put, their most cohesive work to date–exploring the outer realms of pop expression.

“Brothers” is in some ways more simple than past Tanlines musical electronic/vox dives. However, “Brothers” replaces increased technical complexity with  increased emotion sophistication and higher production value. The final-product is a more digestible and experiential Tanlines. The band has evolved to a higher level of musical maturity and are clearly defining their niche. The duo is moving from the party to your stereo and that combination is what many strive to achieve. They’ve traded in the steel-drums and mutated tropical for a new jam unto its own. Also, their interactive video is bad ass. Anything done with 360 degrees of footage and touch animation/ manipulation is cool in the context of music. It’s a blast to seemingly physically experience sound and this is one means for achieving it.

Enjoy today’s jam.

Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Grimes

Grimes was recently signed to 4 AD records and Claire Boucher(Grimes) has released a new track for the new year.”Genesis” is off her new  lp, Visions which launches today. In a truly artistic fashion, Grimes explores pop music and the current interplay that we all find ourselfves in, navigating identity formation between the physical and virtual. Grimes’ music comes off as uppity space pop in somekind of atmospheric pool of darker colors.


Friday’s Hot Ethereal Jam of the Day: Korallreven


The Swedish duo,Korallreven, have produced what can only be called an ethereal pop masterpiece. “Sa Sa Samoa” revitalizes some kind of ancient friendly spirit in everyone. The song inflates and deflates like ocean waves. It inflates and deflates inside your body and mind as well. The video is absolutely riveting and “Sa Sa Samoa” have ever-so tastefully developed a piece of brilliant collaboration that manages to hit every good sense in the human body. The song is beautiful, warm, airy, and enlightening.  And the video is a thing of beauty as well. Basically we follow a raincoat wrapped bearded man wandering around aimlessly while carrying “a mysterious, possibly magical lunchbox.” Swedish duo Korallreven for their track “Sa Sa Samoa.”

The electro- dream pop fantasy land of Korallreven  crescendos in “Sa Sa Samoa” with the pitch perfect accompaniment of Julianna Barwick and a children’s choir from the island of Samoa. Members of Korallreven found inspiration in the catholic choirs of Samoa and combined that flavor with their music vision to produce a gorgeous and mysterious piece of dreamy nordic art.

Lay down, relax, and enjoy–it’s Friday.

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Buck 65

Well, not much to say except that Buck 65 rocks and has for ages.In my mind, he is a mad man possessed. This man has reinvented his sound and approach countless times. His latest approach is no exception. Buck 65 recently released a new album titled: “20 Odd Years.” True fact, it’s been 20 odd years and this man never stops–his continual reinvention makes him one of the most interesting men in his genre–his presence and approach has inspired and impacted countless turntableists and hip hop artists to date. He is probably best known for his album, “Language Arts.” However, “20 Odd Years” may reign supreme yet. This album is a super different approach, but likely many from his past, is highly collaborative. This album seems to be an album that mirrors his musical maturity and reflections on experience of the past 20 years. Buck 65 has been an experimental artist and turntableist who has helped bring Canadian hip hop arts to the forefront. Check out these jamz.


A take-Away

A Take-Away

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Megafortress

Megafortress, the project of New York’s experimental avant-garde musician Bill Gillim just launched his self-titled debut album, and judging from this track we’re excited to hear it. His gently obscured musical avenue is an electric drone completed with rain, humming acoustics and hushed vocals, maddening the senses via a lost highway of relaxed uncertainty.  His music makes me want to fall into a trance on a bio-luminescent covered beach. Each damp watery footstep through his music is complimented and brightly illuminated by a blue, green, and white  foot-shaped imprint on the cold, dark, damp beach. You stroll, only to disappear and fall asleep in the mouth of a giant clam. You awake to a new light-the light is barely noticeable and can’t be focused upon. Rather, this light drifts through the trees in your peripheral, like an unattainable spirit of endless knowledge. Megafortress is the soundtrack to your dream journey. You  wonder if the gorgeous falsetto experience was reality or not. With limited evidence you can’t prove either way, and choose to keep your memories to yourself about the fantastic place you visited.