Wednesday’s Amazing Jamz of the Day: Sharon Van Etten

Wow! All I can say is Wow! Maybe triple that Wow!

Brooklyn’s Sharon Van Etten released her widely anticipated new album, Tramp, yesterday. For some time now, Van Etten has been one of my favorite female musicians. However, this album is Sharon to the next level. All of her work is gorgeous, haunting, profoundly poetic, and deeply resonating. That said, Tramp, has truly eclipsed her past work. The sound of this album is full bodied, gorgeously produced, and of course, her voice resonates through it in perfect harmony. Her voice can be shrill but shrill in a way that is addicting. Her lyrics can touch your soul deeply. At times this album is the most upbeat music while at others you embrace a despair that can rarely be attained in music. Sharon Van Etten is unlike anyone. Her sound is so unique and of her own that all I can do is keep hitting repeat. This album will easily be  a top five for 2012. I kid you not when I say that literally every track is amazing. I’ve been in a Sharon trance for two days now and I don’t see myself leaving it anytime soon. Each song, Each word, each octave change is perfect. I know I sound like I have a major crush on her. I can say that I have a major crush on her music. She often sings about and for lovers—”lovers of heartache, of life, of raw human emotion”

There is a reason that Sharon will take your ears by storm. It is because her sound can eclipse your daily experience with a heart felt authenticity that will warm your soul and haunt your thoughts. Like the narrative of a stray cat who has seen so much pain and witnessed so much happiness, Tramp will guide you through a gauntlet of emotional experience. I will not blame you if you tear up, I definitely did. She achieves a subtle grace that is seldom seen in music. Her statements are small and express the intimate mind so articulately.

Enjoy today’s gorgeous, gorgeous jamz and experience this gauntlet of feeling.


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