Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Valentine’s Day Special

So I should start this post by saying that Valentines day is quite a  joke in my book. It’s a silly joke from which only two good things have been produced, excessive smooches with those you care about and love and the advent of chocolate hearts. I dig both. Frankly though, I’m not here to write about what my thoughts are on days of the week, I’m here to write about jamz.

So in honor of all the love and heart-break out there that becomes focused for some today, I present today’s special Valentine’s Day jams of the day. Today’s jams represent what I think of when I think of love songs. Love songs seem to all fall into one of these four themes: Pervy Love Songs, Broken Heart Love Songs, Uppity Love Songs, and Super Duper Gushy Love Songs. Today’s are all classics.


There have been countless creepy love songs pertaining to statuatory rape, which is nuts but true–we have to wonder why?–I could name several other songs in this genre, but for today’s pervy love song of the day, no one beats Gary Puckett’s “Young Girl.” This songs tips deep into the pervy scale and is the winner by a landslide victory. “My love for you is way out of line… You’re much too young, girl.” What is he writing? This entire song is about Lolita more or less and that is why, Mr. Puckett or should I say Mr. Humbert is the recipient of most pervy love song.

It all comes to a front, and yeah, sometimes relationships just don’t work out. Heart break and difference is a painful thing. It can be crushing and confusing. The Righteous Brothers, “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” is about this topic, and their famous characterizations of love lost is now chiseled in stone. This whole song is about the hurt of loving but not being loved back and that is why The Righteous Brothers are receiving today’s heart-broken song of the day.

 So there’s a lot of up-beat and silly jamz about love out there, possibly too many. The list is extensive and so when considering classic love songs, Marvin Gaye jumped straight to the top of the list. “Let’s Get it on” has all of the ingredients: sexiness, silly/playful qualities, and well it’s Marvin Gaye, so you know this jam has spirit. It is because of how bad he wants to love on you but in a silly and approachable sincere way that Marvin Gaye receives today’s uppity love jam of the day.

Finally, drum roll–there is the category of touching, unpleasantly cheesy love songs. This category has more famous songs than all of the above, and deciphering which to choose was quite tough. I ended with Sonny and Cher’s, “I Got You Babe.” The question we have to consider is whether there is any other song that is as iconic a love song then the duet of Sonny and Cher as they gushingly confess why they love each other. I arrived at no, no there is no other such iconic lovey duet. I also have a soft spot for this song. This is why Sonny and Cher are the recipients of today’s absurdly gushy love song.


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