Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Megafortress

Megafortress, the project of New York’s experimental avant-garde musician Bill Gillim just launched his self-titled debut album, and judging from this track we’re excited to hear it. His gently obscured musical avenue is an electric drone completed with rain, humming acoustics and hushed vocals, maddening the senses via a lost highway of relaxed uncertainty.  His music makes me want to fall into a trance on a bio-luminescent covered beach. Each damp watery footstep through his music is complimented and brightly illuminated by a blue, green, and white  foot-shaped imprint on the cold, dark, damp beach. You stroll, only to disappear and fall asleep in the mouth of a giant clam. You awake to a new light-the light is barely noticeable and can’t be focused upon. Rather, this light drifts through the trees in your peripheral, like an unattainable spirit of endless knowledge. Megafortress is the soundtrack to your dream journey. You  wonder if the gorgeous falsetto experience was reality or not. With limited evidence you can’t prove either way, and choose to keep your memories to yourself about the fantastic place you visited.



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