Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Buck 65

Well, not much to say except that Buck 65 rocks and has for ages.In my mind, he is a mad man possessed. This man has reinvented his sound and approach countless times. His latest approach is no exception. Buck 65 recently released a new album titled: “20 Odd Years.” True fact, it’s been 20 odd years and this man never stops–his continual reinvention makes him one of the most interesting men in his genre–his presence and approach has inspired and impacted countless turntableists and hip hop artists to date. He is probably best known for his album, “Language Arts.” However, “20 Odd Years” may reign supreme yet. This album is a super different approach, but likely many from his past, is highly collaborative. This album seems to be an album that mirrors his musical maturity and reflections on experience of the past 20 years. Buck 65 has been an experimental artist and turntableist who has helped bring Canadian hip hop arts to the forefront. Check out these jamz.


A take-Away

A Take-Away


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